Low Glare UFO High Bay Light


  • Whole light efficiency: 140LM/W
  • Color tolerance: SDCM<5
  • Anti-glare value: UGR<22
  • IP grade: IP65
  • Beam agnle: 60°(PC lens + transparent glass cover)
  • Control mode (optional): 1-10V dimming/microwave
  • Sensor/zigbee control system
  • Installation method: hanging ring & bracket
  • Warranty: 5 years


At the heart of the Low Glare UFO High Bay Light lies LUMILEDS LEDs, renowned for their exceptional efficiency and long-lasting performance. These premium LEDs deliver an impressive 140 lumens per watt, translating into remarkable energy savings and reduced operating costs. Its unique design, incorporating a PC lens and a transparent glass cover, effectively diffuses light, achieving an anti-glare value (UGR) of less than 22. The Low Glare UFO High Bay Light is boasting an IP65 ingress protection rating.

The Low Glare UFO High Bay Light is a versatile and powerful lighting solution that caters to a diverse range of applications. Its exceptional brightness, energy efficiency, and glare-minimizing design make it an ideal choice for illuminating various industrial and commercial spaces.

The Low Glare UFO High Bay Light's versatility, efficiency, and glare-minimizing design make it a superior lighting solution for a wide range of applications, from warehouses and factories to supermarkets, gymnasiums, hospitals, and toll stations. Its ability to enhance productivity, safety, and well-being makes it a valuable asset for any industrial or commercial setting.

Tech Specs

Product Code








Input Voltage

100-277 VAC; 50Hz/60Hz

Luminous Flux






Power Supply Efficiency




LED Brand


LED Luminous Efficiency

140 lm/w

Working Temperature

-30°C ~+50°C


10% ~ 90% RH

Life Span

50000 hours

IP Class


Color Rendering Index CRI

Ra≥70 (Ra≥80)

Lamp Material

Aluminum/Clear Tempered Glass/PC

Lamp Body Color

Black / Grey

Color tolerance SDCM


Start Time


Energy Saving Level


100W/150W/200W Power

Choosing the right wattage depends on your lighting needs and the size of your space. For smaller spaces, use 100W lamps, for larger spaces or if you need brighter light, you need to choose 150W or 200W lamps.

3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K Color Temperature 

The higher the color temperature, the bluer the light. Warehouses or factories can choose 3000K or 4000K lamps. Supermarkets or gymnasiums can choose 5000K or 6500K.

Color Rendering Index (CRI) Ra≥70 (Ra≥80) 

Ra≥70 light source can better reproduce the true color of the object, suitable for occasions with high requirements for color. For example, office, school, home, etc., you can choose Ra≥70 light source.

14000Lm/21,000Lm/28,000Lm Luminous Flux

The 100W/150W/200W Low Glare UFO High Bay Light has a luminous flux of 14,000Lm/21,000Lm/28,000Lm and can illuminate an area of approximately 140 square meters/210 square meters/280 square meters. 

Long Life Five-year Warranty

Low Glare UFO High Bay Light has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Choosing a light with a long lifespan reduces the frequency of bulb changes. High Bay Light lamps come with a 5-year warranty. Choosing a light with a good warranty ensures that you are covered in the event of a problem.

Product Size

Low glare ufo high bay light size
Low Glare UFO High Bay Light (2)


Warehouses, Supermarkets, Factories, Gymnasiums, Hospitals, Toll stations.

high bay lights application
high bay lights for food processing

Vast warehouses often require extensive lighting to ensure clear visibility and productivity. The Low Glare UFO High Bay Light's wide beam angle and high lumen output effectively illuminate even the most expansive storage areas, ensuring that workers can navigate safely and perform tasks efficiently.

Supermarkets demand bright, inviting lighting to create a pleasant shopping experience for customers. The Low Glare UFO High Bay Light's uniform illumination and low glare properties ensure that products are showcased attractively while minimizing eye strain for shoppers.

In manufacturing facilities, precise lighting is crucial for maintaining accuracy and safety. The Low Glare UFO High Bay Light's glare-free design prevents distractions and eye fatigue, allowing workers to focus on their tasks with enhanced precision and reduced risk of accidents.

Gymnasiums require versatile lighting that can accommodate various activities, from high-intensity sports to group fitness classes. The Low Glare UFO High Bay Light's adjustable control options allow for easy adaptation to different lighting needs, ensuring optimal visibility and a safe and enjoyable exercise environment.

Hospitals demand clean, well-lit environments to promote patient care and staff well-being. The Low Glare UFO High Bay Light's high CRI (Color Rendering Index) ensures that colors are rendered accurately, creating a sterile and professional atmosphere while minimizing eye strain for medical personnel.

Toll stations require reliable lighting to ensure clear visibility for both toll booth operators and motorists, especially during low-light conditions. The Low Glare UFO High Bay Light's durable construction and consistent illumination make it an ideal choice for these demanding environments.

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