Adjustable Power Greenhouse LED Grow Light


  • Power: 760W, 1200W
  • Adjustable Power Knob
  • Has a full spectrum of plant growth
  • Fits seamlessly into existing HPS layouts
  • 20% energy saving compared to 1000W DE HPS
  • Compatible with TUBU controllers
  • Equipped with external RJ14 cable for daisy-chaining for series control (up to 80 lamps in series)


TUBU offers adjustable power greenhouse LED grow lights with two power options: 760W and 1200W. These LED lights can be seamlessly integrated into existing HPS layouts, resulting in energy savings of up to 20%. The 380-800nm full spectrum provided ensures that plants receive the optimum wavelength of light at every stage of the growth cycle. This causes the plants to grow healthier and stronger.

This greenhouse LED grow light is compatible with TUBU controllers, allowing growers to easily control lighting conditions on a large scale. At the same time, large-scale plant light control can be done through an external RJ14 cable combined with a daisy chain connection.

With 100° light distribution. Provides plants with broad and even light coverage. This ensures that all parts of the plant receive adequate light for optimal growth and development. The 100° light distribution also helps eliminate any dark spots, whether it's the top leaves or the lower branches.

Tech Specs

Product Code



Dimming Switch



Input Voltage

120-277V AC, 50/60Hz

100-277 V/277-480V

LED Efficacy



Total PPF




SEOUL 6V 5050 LEDs

Light Distribution


Spectral Range










Ambient Temperature


Color Rendering Index

Ra 85

Product Size (mm)



Gross weight (kg) ±0.3



IP Rating


Greenhouse LED Grow
Light Replacement For HPS

Two powers (760W, 1200W) can be chosen to meet your specific requirements. This greenhouse plant growth integrates easily with your current HPS layout, while also reducing energy consumption by 20% compared to DE HPS.

Convenient Dimming Control

The Adjustable Power Greenhouse LED Grow Light comes with a dimming knob, which enables growers to effortlessly regulate the brightness of the light based on their preferences. This characteristic provides the convenience of customizing lighting conditions to meet the unique needs of various plant species and growth phases.

Compatible With TUBU Controllers

The LED grow lights can be compatible with TUBU controllers to easily and effectively control the lighting conditions to provide the ideal environment for plants to thrive.

Daisy Chain Control

The lighting system is supplied with an external RJ14 cable to allow daisy chaining and controllers to be combined. Allows growers to connect up to 80 lights in series. This feature is especially beneficial for large growers, as it facilitates the management of multiple lights at the same time.

Full-Spectrum Plant Growth

Provide plants with complete light from 380-800nm, covering the full spectrum needed for their growth cycle. Ensures plants receive the necessary wavelengths at each growth stage for healthy and vigorous growth.

External Driver Solution

The external drive solves the problem of overheating of the greenhouse caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight, which can effectively reduce the risk of LED damage and significantly extend the service life of the greenhouse equipment.

Lower Heat Radiation

Compared to HPS fixtures, LED fixtures generate significantly less radiant heat. Photosynthesis can decelerate if temperatures become excessively high or low. The warming of crop leaves encourages transpiration, which is the process of moving water and dissolved nutrients from the roots to new growth areas. Therefore, it's advisable to raise the room temperature when utilizing LED grow lights.


Full Spectrum Greenhouse Horticulture Lighting
Application of Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light
Full Spectrum Greenhouse Lighting

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