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Wholesale Outdoor LED Street Lights in Bulk

TUBU developed two LED street lights, an led street light 7G and an led street light 10G. They are both featuring high efficiency, a light sensor, integrated die-casting AL, 0-10V dimming, and professional anti-glare full cut-off light distribution. Additionally, the lamps offer a long lifespan and stable operation, providing consistent and reliable lighting coverage. These features make them the ideal choice for main road, high way, flyover, city street, overpass, sidewalk, square, school, residential district, insustrial area and park, etc. The led street light 10G can offer a higher efficiency, 180lm/w. Welcome to inquiry us. We accept OEM and ODM orders and will provide excellent lighting solutions for customers. 

Tool-Free Install LED Street Light with Face Ring

IP66 LED Street Light 7G

  • IP66; Tempered glass panel, no glue fixed
  • 10KV surgery protector
  • Patent private mold, integrated die-casting AL
  • Professional glare-free lens, 60°/90°/120°/T2M/T3M/T4M
  • 0-10V dimming/time control/light sensor/ IOT control available
  • Flat honeycomb design, good heat dissipatio
ECO Series LED Street Light

IP67 LED Street Light 10G

  • Patent private mold, integrated die-casting AL
  • Use professional anti-glare full cut-off light distribution: T2
  • 0-10V dimming/time control/light sensor/IOT control available
  • Flat honeycomb design, good heat dissipation
  • The protection level reaches IP67
TUBU New Street Light

LED Street Light 1G

  • Tool-free maintenance
  • Spacing height ratio of luminarcan reach 3.5~3.8
  • 30W/60W/90W/120W/150W/180W
  • CB/CE/ENEC Certification

Best LED Streetlight Manufacturer & Factory & Supplier In China

TUBU is the best commercial, industrial outdoor LED street light manufacturer, factory, supplier, and exporter in China since 2010. Our factory is ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and ISO50001 certified. We have rich experience in manufacturing led street lights with the following advantages and services:

  • OEM/ODM /SKD Order acceptable
  • No MOQ
  • Fast Delivery
  • Competitive Factory Prices
  • Free IES/LTD files or Dialux lighting design
  • Both symmetric and asymmetric distributions are available
  • CE, ENEC, CB, IP66, TUV, SAA, IK10, IEC62471, and LM79 are available
  • Stable material suppliers, high quality and cost well
tubu led high bay light aging

Why Choose us as your LED Street Light Supplier in China?

TUBU is a supplier of quality outdoor LED street light. We work with reputable LED driver and LEDs manufacturers in the industry like Mean Well, Inventronics, Osram, Philips, Tridonic to offer customers the best options.

Quality Assurance

We are certified to ISO 9001 & ISO-14001 system. All of our products are CE, RoHs, CB, ETL, ENEC, DLG, HACCP, NSF, D-Mark, SAA, RCM Certified. Learn more about our quality assurance.


High and rigid MOQs are restrictive and deny customers access to products. However, at TUBU we offer low MOQs to accommodate the purchase requirements of most of our customers.

Bulk Price

We offer wholesale prices for bulk orders to make products more affordable for more customers. You can purchase enough top-of-the-line LED street light for your project without worrying about cost restraints. 

Production Capacity

We own 2 factories more than 300 employees and over 10,000 square meters, strong production capacity and fast delivery.

OEM / ODM Customization

Our top R&D team both in China and abroad, with rich experience in lighting industry, which support us to offer OEM/ODM service for our clients all over the world. 

Strong R & D

We keep on innovation and products developing all days to meet the edge-leading demand of the market.

Product Testing

In order to ensure the high quality of each product we produced, we will conduct more than 35 different aspects of testing in our own laboratory before the product sell to the market. After all the tests are passed, the product can be approved for marketing. In the mass production, we will also conduct 100% testing for the basic safety and performance tests, to ensure that every product delivered to the customer is perfect.

tubu led product testing
tubu led tri-proof light salt-spray testing

Product Testing Before Release

  • 3D Printing
  • IPX5 / X6 / X7 Test
  • Thermal Test
  • Anti-corrosion Test
  • 3G Vibration Test
  • Salt Spray Test
  • Needle-flame
  • Load Test
  • Cold Anchorage Test
  • Drop Test
  • AC / DC Power Source
  • Suspension Test
  • Draught-proof Test
  • Power Meter
  • Water-proof Test
  • Anti-UV Test
  • Oven
  • Electronic Load Test
  • Dust-proof Test
  • IES Test
  • Integrating Sphere
  • Glow-wire Test
  • Safety Test
  • Touch Current Test
  • Lifespan Test
  • RoHs Test
  • Surge Test
  • Humidity Test
  • Wind Resistance Test
  • Endurance Test
  • Cord Anchorage Test
  • Aging Test
  • Electronic Balance Test
  • Oscilloscope
  • Constant Temperature
  • Digital Multimeter

Production Process

tubu led high bay light aging

Qualifications and Certificates

















LED Street Light FAQs

What Materials Are Used To Make Street Lights?

Street lights are commonly made of corrosion resistant metal such as aluminum or a strong plastic material such as high density polyethylene to be able to withstand the outdoor elements. Our LED street lights adopt the outdoor professional powder coating that can improve heat dissipation and sandblasting texture.

How Street Lights Works?

A high-intensity discharge lamp emits light by an arc of electricity created between two electrodes. The electrodes are in a transparent tube filled with gas and metal salts. The electrical arc generates heat, which works with the gas and metal to create light-emitting plasma.

What Is Street Light Control System?

Street lighting operates autonomously, based on astronomical calendar, light level sensors or motion detectors. You can schedule exceptions or manually control ON/OFF and dimming for individual lamps, lamp segments or the entire grid. Our LED street lights support IOT control and time control, very convenient to adjust the street lights.

What is the Color Temperature Of LED Street Lights?

The color temperature of the LED street lamp is white light emitted at around 5000K, and yellow light or warm white light at around 3000K. Our LED street light 1G/7G/10G all can be adjusted and have 3-level or 4-level brightness.

What Is A Photocell On A Street Light?

Photocells are light operated switches that activate automatically to turn on at dusk and off at dawn. TUBU led streetlight 1G/7G/10G all have photocell for option.

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Leading LED Street Light Supplier & Manufacturer

When it comes to outdoor security LED streetlight suppliers, TUBU LED is the best there is. We manufacture and supply high-performance LED street lights directly to buyers and other led street lights suppliers.

TUBU is the leading outdoor LED street light manufacturer in the market because:

  • Our  LED street light are made of the highest quality pc & pmma material with stainless 304 & 316 end caps and mounting bracket. We only use top quality leds & drivers, we use lumileds, osram, lumileds, hongli leds, and famous brand driver like meanwell, trodinic, osram, boke, and inventronics etc. 
  • Our LED IP65 IP66  LED street lights are available for bulk orders at wholesale rates. We provide a one-window operation for all your lighting needs. You can buy  LED street light and other led lights at the same time.
  • We can customize outdoor LED street lights to your exact needs. Outdoor led street lights with Motion Sensor, 0-10V, DALI functions are available for options. We can also add extra features like putting your brand log on the products and package to make your brand recoginzable. 
  • Our excellent customer service means we’re always ready to help. We can help you choose the right led tri-proof lights for your project. Our relationship with customers doesn’t end at the successful delivery of LED products. We follow-up with our clients periodically to check if their LED products are functioning as promised.

As a professional  LED street light manufacturer, TUBU specilized in design and production of all kinds of outdoor LED street light for more than 10 years. We can customize the products for you. 

  • OEM/ODM /SKD Order acceptable
  • No MOQ
  • Fast Delivery
  • Competitive Factory Prices
  • Free IES/LTD files or Dialux lighting design
  • Both symmetric and asymmetric distributions are available
  • CE, ENEC, CB, IP66, TUV, SAA, IK10, IEC62471, and LM79 are available
  • Stable material suppliers, high quality and cost well
  • 5 year warranty

Please send us your demand, we will offer free consultation and check the best solution for you.