GRP IP66 LED Tri Proof Light


  • IP66, GRP IK08
  • Glass fiber reinforced plastics
  • System efficiency up to 140lm/W & 160lm/W
  • High CRI >80
  • Environmentally friendly, no mercury, No UV, No IR
  • Wide beam angle 120°
  • Energy efficiency grade:C
  • Quick start instant 100% Iuminous flux
  • 5 year warranty on complete fixture. (LED’s, Driver, & housing)
  • Certificate: CE, RoHs certified
  • Surface mount or suspension mount


TUBU introduces the newly upgraded GRP IP66 LED Tri Proof Light (1200mm LED Tri-proof Light Fixture), designed to meet the lighting needs of the environment. This LED Tri-proof Light offers excellent performance and cost effectiveness and is ideal for railroad stations, airports, car parks, farm lighting, inspection pits, poultry lighting and more. With a lumen output of up to 16,000 lumens and a lifespan of 50,000 hours, this light is built to last.

The GRP IP66 LED Tri-Proof Light is available in two models. TBL10A4F-40W-G and TBL10A4F-100W-G. Lamp Body Color is made of Milky white GRP material with Lumileds / Hongli 2835 LED brand, 120°beam angle, 40Lm/W±5% (Ra>80), 160Lm/W±5% ( Ra>80) optional efficiency, 1200*125*92 and 1200*260*105 optional size. Contact TUBU today to learn more about the GRP IP66 LED Tri Proof Light (1200mm LED Tri-proof Light Fixture)!

Tech Specs

Product Code






Input Voltage

200-240VAC/100-277VAC (50/60HZ)

Power Factor


Dimming Option


Color Temperature



Luminous Flux




140Lm/W±5% (Ra>80)


Luminous Flux




160Lm/W±5% (Ra>80)

LED Brand

Lumileds / Hongli 2835

Beam Angle


Operation Temperature


Storage  Temperature


Life Span

Ta 40°C 50000 hours

IP Class


IK Class



CE, RoHs, CB, IK08, IP66

Lamp Body Material

Milky white GRP

Product Size ( mm )



Packing Size ( mm )



Quantity / Carton



Gross Weight ( kg ) ± 0.3




Surface Mount & Suspenion Mount

IP66 Parking Lot LED Lights - Protection Rating

The IP66 rated parking lot LED lights are completely protected against dust and foreign objects and can withstand powerful water jets, making them suitable for use in dusty or humid environments.

Parking Garage Lights - GRP IK08 Glass Fiber

TUBU parking garage lights are made of durable GRP IK08 fiberglass reinforced plastic, which is corrosion- and impact-resistant and can be used for a long time even in harsh environments. 

CRI >80 LED Parking Garage Lights

Good color rendering, can truly restore the color of the object. LED parking garage lights are environmentally friendly and non-polluting - free of mercury, UV and infrared radiation, in line with the concept of environmental protection.

Parking Garage Light Fixtures - 140lm/W 160lm/W

TUBU parking garage light fixtures provide superior brightness output while saving energy and power. Fast startup - 100% luminous flux right out of the box, no need to wait for warm-up.

LED Parking Garage Fixtures - 5 Years Warranty

C-level energy saving certification meets the national energy saving standards. CE and RoHS certified LED parking garage fixtures have passed the European Union's safety and environmental protection certificates. Covering the entire fixture (LED light source, driver and housing), gives you more peace of mind.

Car Garage Lights 120° Wide Light Distribution Angle

Car garage lights provide a wide range of lighting areas, reducing the number of lamps used. Car garage lights have a variety of mounting methods - support surface mounting or hanging, to meet different installation needs. 

Installation Mode



GRP IP66 LED Tri Proof Light Can Be Used in Railway Stations, Airports, Car Parks, Farm Lighting, Inspection Pits Lighting, Poultry Lighting.

farm lighting
Poultry Lighting
Car Parks

China LED Tri Proof Light Customized

Best 1200mm Tri-Proof LED Light - Dimensions and Form Factor

The dimensions of the Best 1200mm tri-proof LED light are 1200*125*92 and 1200*260*105,. TUBU can tailor the dimensions and form factor of the light fixtures to fit specific installation spaces or aesthetic preferences. TUBU can tailor the dimensions and form factor of the light fixtures to fit specific installation spaces or aesthetic preferences. This involves adjusting the length, width, height, or overall shape of the lights.

China Tri Proof LED Light Customized - Wattage and Lumens Output

This product Tri proof led light 40W and 100W respectively. Luminous Flux is available in 5600Lm±5% and 14000Lm±5%, 6400Lm±5% and 16000Lm±5%. Efficiency is available in 140Lm/W±5% (Ra>80) and 160Lm/W±5% (Ra>80). We can based on the project's lighting requirements, TUBU china tri proof led light customized can customize the wattage and lumens output of their LED tri-proof lights. that the lighting solution delivers the appropriate brightness levels for the intended application.

Customized LED Tri Proof Light - Color Temperature

Customers can select from a range of color temperatures, such as warm white, cool white, or neutral white, to suit the desired ambiance or task lighting needs.

Best LED Tri Proof Light - Mounting Options

TUBU can modify the mounting options of their best LED tri proof light to accommodate various installation methods, such as surface mount or suspension mount.

Best Tri Proof LED Light - Beam Angle

The Best tri proof LED light has a beam angle of 120°. The beam angle of the TUBU lights can be customized to control the spread of light and achieve the desired illumination pattern. This is particularly useful for applications with focused lighting requirements.

Best Tri Proof Light LED - Housing Material

The best tri proof light LED utilizes Lumileds / Hongli 2835 brand, Milky white GRP. Depending on the environmental conditions, TUBU can offer alternative housing materials, such as stainless steel or stainless steel, for example. Depending on the environmental conditions, TUBU can offer alternative housing materials, such as stainless steel or aluminum, to enhance the durability and corrosion resistance of the lights.

Customized LED Tri-Proof Light - Control Systems

Customized LED tri-proof light, for advanced lighting control, TUBU can integrate sensors, dimmers, or smart controls into their LED tri-proof lights, enabling automated or user-controlled adjustments. enabling automated or user-controlled adjustments to light levels and settings.

Customized Tri Proof LED Light - Additional Features

TUBU customized tri proof LED light can incorporate additional features like emergency backup lighting, motion sensors, or vandal-resistant designs to address specific safety or security concerns.

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China Best Price LED Tri-Proof Light Factory

TUBU is a leading manufacturer of LED tri-proof lights that offers customization services to cater to specific customer needs and project requirements. We expertise lies in modifying their standard LED tri-proof light fixtures to meet unique application demands.

To initiate the customization process, TUBU wholesale LED tri-proof light supplier typically requires detailed specifications from customers, outlining desired modifications and application requirements. We team of engineers then assesses the feasibility and works closely with customers to refine the customization plan.

With our china LED tri proof light supplier expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, TUBU's customization services empower clients to achieve tailored LED tri-proof lighting solutions that perfectly align with your unique project needs.