UVIR Grow Light Bar


  • IP65 protection grade
  • Waterproof connector fast series connection.
  • Adopting innovative light-transmitting materials.
  • Automatic spring clip-on strong installation adaptability.
  • 3 Year Warranty on Complete Fixture. (LEDs, Driver, & Housing)


TUBU’s UVIR module grow light can be used separately, but we suggest that you can use it with our grow lights bar together. UVIR can effectively kill the bacteria that are harmful to plants, at the same time prevent the planting beads excessive growth, and improve the fruit rate and yield of planting beads.

We adopted entire waterproof solution for the lamp and it's with a quartz glass optical transmission structure, which improves the penetration efficiency of UVIR invisible light by 20%(compared to the product from marketplace).

Regarding installation, we have achieved a tool-free installation with a male to female connector for multiple series connections(10 pieces in series for 120V input voltage, 20 pieces for 230V input voltage) and RJ14 look dimming connextor for docking with intelligent controllers!(Also it can be used on other brands of foldable series led grow lights)

Tech Specs

Product Code












24.45 umol/S

130 umol/S


0.489 umol/J

2.6 umol/J

Input Voltage/frequency



FST 330~880nm

Heat Dissipation Method

Integrated Heat Dissipation Structure

Structure Material

Aluminium Alloy

Operation Temperature

-20~45℃,20~95%RHNo condensation

Beam Angle

110°x115° Rectangular Beam

Quantity In Series(Max)


IP Grade



3 years

Packing Size(mm)


Packing Quantity


Fully Waterproof UVIR Grow Light Bar

The IP65 rating guarantees complete waterproofing, ensuring it is protected from water damage. Ideal for use in conservatories or indoor wet areas.

Easy Installation

Tool-less design and automatic spring clip mechanism make installation incredibly easy. Can be easily installed in different locations, saving time and effort.

Enhanced Light Transmission

Using an innovative quartz glass light-transmitting structure, UVIP visible light transmission efficiency can be increased by 20%. Plants will receive more beneficial UV rays, promoting optimal growth and health.

Fast And Safe Connection

The waterproof connector fast series connection is implemented to ensure a quick and convenient connection, guaranteeing a secure and dependable electrical connection.

Multifunctional Connection

Equipped with male-to-female connectors, multiple LED Lights can be connected in series. The RJ14-look dimming connector seamlessly integrates with the smart controller, giving you complete control over your lighting environment.

Using UVIR Light
To Optimize Plant Growth

The UVIR module utilizes ultraviolet light to efficiently eradicate harmful bacteria that can harm plant health. Also helps regulate plant growth to ensure they stay at their optimal levels.

Has Built-In Cooling Protection

Adopt integrated heat dissipation structure, effectively cool down and prevent overheating, protect plants from damage and maintain the optimum temperature for their growth.

Optimal Photosynthesis

The FST spectrum ranging from 330 to 880nm is ideal for photosynthesis and ensures maximum productivity at every stage of plant growth.

Installation Mode

UVIR Grow Light Bar Installation mode


UVIR Grow Light Bar Application
UVIR Lighting
Plant cultivation lighting

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