IP65 Tri-Proof LED Light 180° L9M


  • IP65  & IK08
  • High CRI>80
  • PC 
  • System efficiency up to 130Lm/W & 150Lm/W
  • Environmentally friendly, no mercury, no UV, no IR
  • Wide beam angle 180°
  • Energy efficiency Grade: D 
  • Quick start instant 100% Iuminous flux
  • 5 years warranty on complete fixture (LED’s, Driver & Housing) 
  • Certificate: CE, RoHs Certified
  • Surface Mount or Suspension Mount


The IP65 LED Tri-Proof Light 180° L9M has a rugged PC housing with an IP65 protection rating, is fully dustproof and can withstand low pressure water washout. Impact rated to IK08 to withstand strong knocks and shocks, the L9M 180° is uniquely designed to provide a wide 180° lighting range to illuminate larger spaces without the need for multiple lamps. With a high color rendering index (CRI > 80) for true-to-life natural colors, the Best IP65 Tri-Proof LED Light 180° L9M is a lighting solution designed for harsh environments.

Tech Specs

Product Code








Input Voltage

200-240VAC / 100-277VAC (50/60Hz)

Input Current






Dimming Option



2700K / 3000K / 4000K / 5000K / 5700K / 6000K /6500K

Luminous Flux

1950Lm / 2250Lm

3900Lm / 4500Lm

5850Lm / 6750Lm


130Lm/W / 150Lm/W±5% (Ra>80)

LED Brand

Lumileds/Hongli 2835

Beam Angle


Operation Temp


Storage Temp


Life Span

Ta 40C L70>54000hours

IP Class


IK Class



CE, RoHs

Lamp Body Color

Milky PC/PMMA Housing & 304/316 Stainless Steel End Caps

Product Size (mm)




Packing Size (mm)








Gross weight (kg) ±0.3




Installation mode

Surface Mount/Suspension Mount

Tri-Proof LED Light 180° L9M Superior Protection

IP65 rated. PC IK08 Impact rating. Effectively prevents dust, water vapor and oil from entering the light body, suitable for humid, dusty places with occasional water spray, such as factories, warehouses and parking lots.

Superior Light Quality

Color Rendering Index (CRI) > 80. CRI > 80 means that this lamp has good color rendering. System efficacy up to 130Lm/W & 150Lm/W. This value indicates how efficiently the luminaire converts electrical energy into light energy, the higher the value, the more energy efficient the luminaire is.

Environmentally Friendly and Healthy

Mercury, UV and Infrared Free: Traditional light sources can contain harmful substances such as mercury, and UV and infrared rays can pose a safety hazard. This LED tri-proof light does not contain these harmful elements, safe to use and environmentally friendly.

Wide Applicability

180° Wide Light Distribution Angle. D-level energy-saving grade. Fast startup, 100% brightness instantly: No need to wait for warm-up, just turn on the light to get enough light.

Long Life and Reliability

5-year warranty on the entire lamp (LED chip, driver and housing). Passed the European Union CE safety certification and RoHS environmental protection certification.

Installation Mode

Lighting Fixture Ip65 Tri-Proof LED Light Installation Flexibility, this Best IP65 Tri-Proof LED Light 180° L9M can be surface-mounted or pendant-mounted: two types of installation methods are available, so you can choose the most suitable installation method according to the actual environment.

Tri-Proof Light 180° L9M Installation Mode


Car parks, Ships, Food Processing, Poultry Lighting, Farm lighting, Railway stations.

farm lighting
food processing lighting
ship lighting

What Factors to Consider When Choosing LED Tri-Proof Lights?

Protection level (LED tri-proof lights)

The protection level is an important indicator to measure the protection performance of LED tri-proof lights. It consists of two numbers. The first number indicates the dust-proof level, and the second number indicates the waterproof level. Generally speaking, the protection level of LED tri-proof lights used in humid and dusty environments should be no less than IP65; those used in environments with water spray or immersion, the protection level should be no less than IP67.

Luminous flux and power (LED tri-proof lights)

Luminous flux is a measure of the luminous intensity of a light source, measured in lumens (Lm). Power is a measure of the electricity consumed by a light source, measured in watts (W). The higher the luminous flux, the brighter the lamp; the higher the power, the more power the lamp consumes. When purchasing, you need to choose the appropriate luminous flux and power based on actual lighting needs.

Color rendering index (LED tri-proof lights)

Color rendering index (CRI) is a measure of the ability of a light source to restore the true color of an object. The higher the value, the better the reproduction. Generally speaking, the color rendering index of LED tri-proof lights used to illuminate people or objects should be no less than 80.

Color temperature (LED tri-proof lights)

Color temperature is a measure of the color of light, measured in Kelvin (K). The higher the color temperature, the more blue the light is; the lower the color temperature, the more yellow the light is. According to the usage scenario, you can choose LED tri-proof lights with appropriate color temperature. It is recommended to choose cool white light with a color temperature of 4000K-5000K in the workplace to improve work efficiency. It is recommended to choose warm white light with a color temperature of 3000K-4000K for resting places to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Dimensions and installation methods (LED tri-proof lights)

The size of the LED tri-proof light should match the installation site and the installation method should be considered. Common installation methods include surface mounting, which is suitable for flat surfaces such as walls and ceilings. Suspended installation, suitable for places that require suspended installation.

Brand and price (LED tri-proof lights)

Choose LED tri-proof lights from well-known brands to ensure better quality. In terms of price, you can choose according to your budget and actual needs. TUBU China's best price LED tri-proof light manufacturer is trustworthy.

Other factors (LED tri-proof lights)

Whether it has a dimming function, a delayed light-off function, and an intelligent control function. We are a customizable factory for IP65 tri-proof LED lights in China. If you are interested in our products, welcome to come for consultation.

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