LED Tubular Tri-Proof Light for Factory Lighting

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April 3  

Factory lighting is an indispensable part of modern industrial production. Traditional lighting fixtures, such as high-pressure sodium lamps, mercury lamps, etc., there are problems such as high energy consumption, low luminous efficacy, short service life and high maintenance costs. In recent years, LED technology is developing rapidly, LED tube type three-proof light has gradually become a new choice for factory lighting with its advantages of energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, long life, etc. LED tube type three-proof light can be widely used in factory workshops, warehouses, production lines, logistics channels, etc., which provides a reliable and efficient solution for factory lighting.

A Bicycle Factory Workshop Retrofit LED Tubular Triple-Proof Lights

The Problem

A bicycle factory has been using traditional fluorescent tubes for workshop lighting. Due to the high level of dust in the workshop, the tubes often needed to be replaced, which not only resulted in high maintenance costs, but also dim light, affecting productivity.

The Solution

In order to improve the lighting conditions in the workshop and reduce maintenance costs, the factory decided to replace the lighting fixtures in the workshop. After inspection, the factory chose LED tubular triple-proof lamps.

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Implementation process

Site survey

Engineers conducted a site survey of the workshop's area, height, dust concentration and other factors, and determined the specifications and quantity of suitable LED tubular three-proof lamps according to the relevant national standards against.

Lighting installation

the electrician master in accordance with the established installation program, professional and efficient to complete the installation of LED tubular three-proof light.

Debugging and acceptance

The engineers carried out comprehensive testing and debugging of the installed LED tubular three-proof lights to ensure that the illumination is up to standard and trouble-free operation.


The bicycle factory workshop has achieved good results after replacing the LED tubular three-proof light.

tubu led tri-proof light application in factory

Dust anti-corrosion

LED tubular three-proof light is well sealed, effectively preventing dust from entering the lamps and lanterns, prolonging the service life and reducing maintenance costs.

Energy saving and power saving

The energy consumption of LED light sources is lower than traditional fluorescent lamps, which greatly reduces the factory's electricity expenses.

Bright and comfortable

LED tubular tri-proof lamps provide bright and uniform lighting, improving the lighting environment in the workshop and increasing the efficiency of workers.

Safe and environmentally friendly

LED light source does not contain harmful substances and has no strobe phenomenon, providing a safe and comfortable working environment for workers.


Through this case, we can see that LED tubular triple-proof light is very suitable for factory workshop lighting with more dust. It can not only improve lighting conditions, improve work efficiency, but can also save energy and electricity, reduce maintenance costs. It is economical and practical industrial lighting fixtures.

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