LED Tubular Tri-Proof Light Ip69k Tough and Waterproof

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March 26  

When it comes to lighting, harsh environments require a tough solution. The LED Tubular Tri-Proof Light IP69K delivers exceptional durability and functionality, making it the perfect choice for industrial settings, car washes, food processing facilities, and anywhere else that demands reliable illumination. Imagine a light fixture so tough, it can withstand a high-pressure water jet. Now imagine that the same fixture is also energy-efficient, versatile, and built to last. That's the power of the LED Tubular Tri-Proof Light IP69K.

Why Do You Need the LED Tubular Tri-Proof Light IP69K?

Traditional lighting fixtures can struggle in harsh environments. Dust, water, corrosion, and even high-pressure cleaning can damage them, leading to costly repairs or replacements. The LED Tubular Tri-Proof Light IP69K solves this problem by offering unparalleled toughness and functionality.

Advantages of the LED Tubular Tri-Proof Light Ip69k

This innovative lighting solution is a game-changer for industrial, commercial, and even outdoor applications.

LED Tri-Proof Light Unmatched Durability

LED Tubular Tri-Proof Light IP69K with an IP69K rating, the highest level of water protection available. This light shrugs off dust, corrosion, pressure, vibration, and even the most powerful cleaning blasts. No matter the environment, you can count on brilliant illumination.

LED Tri-Proof Light Exceptional Light Quality

High CRI (>80) LEDs deliver vibrant, true-to-life colors, while high output options ensure ample brightness. Plus, the PC/PMMA cover minimizes shadows for uniform light distribution.

LED Tri-Proof Light Built to Withstand Impact

LED Tubular Tri-Proof Light, whether accidental bumps or deliberate sabotage, this light can take it. PC IK10 and PMMA IK08 impact resistance ratings ensure peace of mind.

tubu ip67 ip69k led tri-proof tubular light with t8 tube inside
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IP69K 100mm Diameter Tubular LED Tri-Proof Light

LED Tri-Proof Light Flicker-Free Operation

LED Tubular Tri-Proof Light IP69K protects your eyes and productivity with a flicker-free isolated driver. This driver also boasts a high power factor (>0.96) and low THD (12%) for efficient and reliable operation.

LED Tri-Proof Light Eco-Conscious Choice

This LED light is free of mercury, UV rays, and infrared radiation, making it a safe and sustainable lighting option.

LED Tri-Proof Light Installation Flexibility

Choose from through-wiring options (3 x 1.5mm² and 5 x 2.5mm²) for seamless integration into your existing electrical system. And with hanging and surface mount options, installation is a breeze.

Tubular IP69k LED Tri-Proof Light

Tubular IP69k LED Tri-Proof Light

Tubular IP69k LED Tri-Proof Light with Quick Connect Terminals

Tubular IP69k LED Tri-Proof Light with Quick Connect Terminals

LED Tri-Proof Light Energy Efficiency Champion

LED Tubular Tri-Proof Light boasts an Energy Efficiency Grade of B and instant 100% luminous flux upon startup. This light keeps your energy bills low and your workspace bright.

LED Tri-Proof Light Long-lasting Performance

LED Tubular Tri-Proof Light IP69K enjoys peace of mind with a 5-year warranty covering the entire fixture, including LEDs, driver, and housing.

LED Tri-Proof Light Unmatched Versatility

This light is certified to meet global safety standards (CE, ENEC, CB, SAA, cETL, D-Mark) and even boasts ammonia resistance (DLG) for specific applications. Additionally, optional features like 0-10V dimming, DALI control, sensor integration, and emergency battery backup provide even greater adaptability.

The LED Tubular Tri-Proof Light IP69K is more than just a light; it's a reliable partner for any demanding environment. Invest in brilliance that lasts.

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