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One of the key elements that cannabis plants need is light. During the photosynthesis process, plants convert light energy into chemical energy that allows them to grow strong and healthy, and in the case of cannabis in particular, light also promotes bud production. When growing outdoors, you can harness the power of the sun, but in an indoor environment, sunlight is mimicked by using grow bulbs, which are designed to display the same spectrum as the sun. LED Grow lights allow you to precisely control the amount of light your plants receive, ensuring they receive the same amount of light day after day without growers having to deal with the issues of bad weather or cloudy days that occur in outdoor environments. Some grow lights are more expensive than others, but they are also more efficient, which can save money in the long run. Some lights are bulky and have many parts, some are lightweight, and some are better suited for young or mature plants.

LED Lights for Cannabis Growing

LEDs (light emitting diodes) are relatively new to the cannabis growing world compared to HPS, MH, and CFLs, but are quickly proving to be the way of the future. LEDs may initially cost more to purchase, but they are more efficient and friendlier to the environment and your electricity bills. Some cities even offer tax breaks to commercial growers who install or switch to LED lights because they are better for the environment.

LEDs also generally run much cooler than HIDs, so you may not need additional equipment to cool your grow space, and one LED can usually be used for both vegetative and flowering growth. Some high-end LEDs allow you to change the light spectrum for each growth stage. New LED grow lights are constantly coming out, but knockoffs abound. Many cheap LEDs don’t produce the right light spectrum for plants.

Because LEDs are efficient in the long run, there are a lot of new companies entering the fray. Use a light spectrum that’s right for both vegetative and flower growth for plants, and their UV output is great for high trichome production and high yields. The lights also come in different sizes to fit different grow spaces.

How Much do Growing Lights Cost?

The first thing to consider before buying a grow light is how much you want to spend. As more states legalize adult use, home growing is becoming more popular, and the evolving technology is getting better and more efficient. You can find lights for under $100, but they may be lower quality and not produce the right light spectrum, and you can easily spend up to $2,000 for a large, state-of-the-art LED.

Marijuana Plant Growth Light

Other Considerations When Choosing Cannabis Grow Light

Ventilation – Ventilation is also an issue. If you're growing in a small space and the light is hot, you'll need to install fans inside, which also takes up space. If there's not enough room for lights and fans, you may need to buy lights that run cooler, such as LEDs. For example, grow tents are often built high to allow room for equipment at the top, rather than planting plants all the way to the ceiling.

Plant Stages - Young and mature plants, or vegetative and flowering plants, each prefer different types of light, and you can buy grow lights designed for each spectrum. Typically, growers using HIDs will use MH bulbs for vegetative plants and HPS bulbs for flowering plants. Some LEDs are also designed for different spectrums.

Safety - Make sure you have enough outlets and power at your breaker panel so that your grow space can comfortably accommodate all of your equipment. Find all of your equipment, such as lights, fans, and possibly an air conditioner or dehumidifier, and calculate how much power they require. You'll be running the equipment every day for months, so it can be dangerous if you don't have enough power. Never overload an electrical outlet.

Bar LED Grow Lights
Bar LED Grow Lights (1)

Bar LED Grow Lights


  • Removable and foldable PPE 2.7umol/j 8 bar vertical farming LED grow light
  • Super compact design, save 50% shipping cost 
  • Driver & dimmer integrated design, plug & play, easy to use
  • Wide range watts, 600W,800W, 1000W ,1200W available 
  • IP54 Waterproof rated, suitable for damp location, no irrigating concerns 
  • Group control, Knob dimmer and RJ 14 port available 
  • 3 Years Warrant
  •  Customization available

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