The Enduring Power of LED Tri-Proof Lights – Conquering Dust, Moisture, and Impact

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May 18  

In the realm of industrial lighting, where harsh environments pose constant challenges, LED tri-proof lights have emerged as undisputed champions of illumination. These resilient fixtures, meticulously engineered to withstand the relentless onslaught of dust, moisture, and impact, are the cornerstone of reliable and safe lighting solutions for a wide range of demanding applications.

TUBU - A Pioneer in IP69K LED Tri-Proof Lighting

As a leading China IP69K LED tri-proof light manufacturer, TUBU takes pride in crafting LED Tubular Tri-proof Light IP69K, the epitome of durability and performance. Our commitment to innovation and quality has earned us a reputation as a trusted provider of lighting solutions for industries that demand the utmost in resilience.

Unveiling the Essence of LED Tri-Proof Lights

At the heart of LED tri-proof lights lies a fundamental principle - to provide unwavering illumination even in the face of the most challenging environments. These lights are meticulously designed with a triple-layer protection system that shields them from relentless attacks of dust, moisture, and impact.

Dust-Proof - Their tightly sealed enclosures keep dust particles at bay, ensuring that internal components remain pristine and functioning flawlessly.

Moisture-Proof - Whether it's the humidity of a food processing plant or the high-pressure washdowns of a car wash, these lights are impervious to moisture, preventing corrosion and electrical hazards.

Impact-Proof - Constructed from robust materials and featuring shock-absorbing designs, they can withstand bumps, blows, and vibrations without compromising their integrity.

LED Tubular Tri-proof Light IP69K - The Pinnacle of Durability

TUBU LED tri proof lamp

Our LED Tubular Tri-proof Light IP69K stands as a testament to our dedication to crafting lighting solutions that excel in the harshest environments. This exceptional fixture boasts the highest level of ingress protection, IP69K, signifying its ability to withstand high-pressure, high-temperature water jets.

Key Features of LED Tubular Tri-proof Light IP69K.

IP67 IP69K, waterproof, dustproof, corrosion-proof, pressure-proof, and vibration proof - Unmatched protection against the elements.

High CRI >80, High Output LEDs, up to 140lm/W, 170lm/W optional - Exceptional energy efficiency and luminous output.

High Transmittance PC / PMMA cover, no shadow - Uniform illumination without shadows.

PC IK10 / PMMA IK08 impact design - Withstands physical impact without shattering.

Flicker-Free isolated driver, High PF>0.96 low THD 12% driver - Stable and flicker-free operation.

Environmentally friendly, no mercury, No UV, No IR - Safe for the environment and users.

Through wiring 3×1.5mm² and 5×2.5mm² available - Easy installation and wiring options.

Energy Efficiency Grade - B, Quick Start instant 100% luminous flux: Energy-efficient and instant illumination.

5 Year Warranty on complete fixture. (LEDs, Driver, & Housing) - Unwavering commitment to quality.

Certificate - CE, ENEC, CB, SAA, cETL, D-Mark, DLG (Ammonia-resistance), 850°C glow wire testing - Globally recognized certifications for safety and performance.

Optional Features:

0-10V / DALI / Sensor / Emergency Battery Backup Options - Customizable features to meet specific needs.

Installation - Hanging Mount & Surface Mount: Versatile mounting options for easy installation.

Power - 20W 40W 50W 60W - A range of power options to suit various applications.

Applications for LED Tubular Tri-proof Light IP69K

Our LED Tubular Tri-proof Light IP69K finds its ideal applications in environments where durability and reliability are paramount. Warehouses - Withstands dust and impact, illuminating vast warehouse spaces. Food Processing Facilities - Moisture-proof design ensures hygienic operation in food preparation areas. Parking Garages - Resistant to dust, moisture, and potential impact, safeguarding parking areas. Industrial Workspaces - Robust construction can endure the rigors of industrial settings.


TUBU | Your Trusted Partner for IP69K LED Tri-Proof Lighting Solutions

At TUBU, we are committed to providing our customers with the most advanced and reliable LED Tubular Tri-proof Light IP69K.

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