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With the development of LED technology, LED tri-proof lights have gradually replaced traditional tri-proof lights with their advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection, and durability, and have been widely used in the field of industrial lighting. For customers who need to purchase tri-proof lights in large quantities, choosing a reliable supplier is crucial. As a leading supplier of high-quality tri-proof lights and excellent after-sales service, TUBU Light is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and a worry-free service experience.

Features of TUBU Light Tri-proof Lights

TUBU Light has reliable quality and is manufactured with high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship to ensure that the tri-proof lights are durable and can withstand harsh environments. Energy-saving and efficient, it applies advanced LED technology to provide excellent lighting effects while saving energy and reducing operating costs. TUBU Light is widely used in industrial, commercial, outdoor and other scenarios to meet different lighting needs. Complete certifications, in line with international standards and certifications, safe and reliable.

TUBU Light After-sales Service

Full warranty. Provide long-term product warranty service so you have no worries.

Quick response. The professional after-sales service team is always on call to provide you with quick response and efficient solutions.

Easy to replace. When a failure occurs, we provide convenient replacement services to minimize your losses.

Regular maintenance. Regular maintenance services are provided to ensure that the tri-proof lights are always in optimal condition.

TUBU Light Advantages

Experience. With many years of experience in producing and selling tri-proof lights, we have accumulated profound industry knowledge and professional technology.

Complete range of products. Provide a variety of models and specifications of tri-proof lights to meet the needs of different customers.

The price is reasonable. While ensuring product quality, we provide competitive prices.

One-stop service. From product selection to installation and after-sales, we provide one-stop service to save you worry and effort.

Bulk Purchase Discounts

TUBU Light provides preferential prices and customized services for customers who purchase tri-proof lights in large quantities. Please contact us for more information.

Choose TUBU Light, Choose Quality and Service

TUBU Light is committed to providing customers with high-quality tri-proof lights and excellent after-sales service, becoming your trustworthy partner. Contact us today to learn more!

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Tubular IP69k LED Tri-Proof Light with Cable gland

Tubular IP69k LED Tri-Proof Light with Cable gland

Typical Case of LED Three-proof Light in Large Factories

Case Background

The original lighting system of a large factory uses traditional high-pressure sodium lamps and halogen lamps, which have high power consumption, high heat, high maintenance costs, short service life and other problems. In order to reduce lighting costs, improve lighting efficiency, and improve the working environment, the factory decided to remodel the original lighting system and replace it with LED three-proof lamps.

Case Solution

According to the workshop environment and lighting requirements, the factory chose TUBU Light brand LED tri-proof lamps. TUBU Light LED tri-proof lamps have the following characteristics:

Adopting high quality LED light source, high light efficiency, high color rendering index, low energy consumption, energy saving effect is remarkable.

The lamp shell is made of high-strength PC material, which is waterproof, dustproof, corrosion-resistant, etc., suitable for use in harsh environments.

Lamp structure design is reasonable, good heat dissipation performance, long service life, low maintenance cost.

Case Implementation

The factory invited a professional lighting design company to carry out a detailed lighting design for the workshop, and according to the design program, the LED three-proof lights were installed and debugged. The whole transformation process was successfully completed and achieved the expected results.

Case Effect

After the transformation, the lighting effect of the factory has been significantly improved, the workshop lighting is brighter and more uniform, the illumination is more in line with the work demand. At the same time, the factory's lighting energy consumption has dropped significantly, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in electricity costs every year. In addition, the long service life and low maintenance cost of LED three-proof lamps also save a lot of operation and maintenance costs for the factory.

Case Summary

Through this lighting renovation, the large-scale factory has effectively reduced lighting costs, improved lighting efficiency, improved the working environment, and achieved good economic and social benefits. The case also fully proved the value of LED three-proof lamps in the field of industrial lighting applications.


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