What Are the Types of Industrial Lights?

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Industrial lights are a type of lighting specifically designed for use in industrial settings, such as factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. They are typically characterized by their durability, high output, and ability to withstand harsh environments. Industrial lights are essential for ensuring safety, productivity, and visibility in these demanding workplaces.

Industrial Lighting Supplier

TUBU is a Chinese manufacturer of LED lighting solutions specializing in industrial, commercial, and agricultural applications. The company has established itself as a global provider of high-quality LED lighting products. TUBU's headquarters are located in Shenzhen, China.

What Are the Types of TUBU Industrial Lights?

High Bay Lights - Powerhouses for Elevated Spaces

High bay lights are the workhorses of industrial lighting, designed to conquer the challenge of illuminating vast, high-ceilinged spaces. These powerful fixtures ensure clear visibility and a safe working environment in warehouses, factories, airplane hangers, and sports facilities.

High Bay Lights Key Features

Powerful output for broad, uniform illumination. Suspended from the ceiling with chains, pendants, or specialized tracks. Available in linear or UFO-shaped designs.

Potent Output, Uniform Illumination. High bay lights pack a punch in terms of light output. They generate a powerful beam that spreads evenly across a wide area, eliminating dark spots and ensuring consistent visibility throughout the space. This is crucial for tasks requiring precision, like operating machinery, inspecting inventory, or conducting repairs.

Suspended for Superior Coverage. High bay lights are typically suspended from the ceiling using chains, pendants, or specialized tracks. This strategic placement allows for optimal light distribution, maximizing the coverage area and minimizing shadows cast by objects on the floor. The suspension system also offers flexibility in adjusting the height of the lights to best suit the specific needs of the space.

Linear lights are long, slender fixtures ideal for illuminating wide aisles or open spaces. UFO lights, also known as high bay pods, are round fixtures that offer a more concentrated light pattern, making them suitable for areas with specific task zones. The choice between these shapes depends on the layout and lighting requirements of the space.

industrial led linear lights application

High Bay Lights Applications

Ideal for illuminating high-ceilinged spaces like warehouses, factories, airplane hangers, and sports facilities.

Low Bay Lights - Illuminating Task-Focused Areas

These are less powerful than high bay lights and are suitable for lower-ceilinged areas like workshops and assembly lines. They can be mounted on the ceiling, walls, or posts. While high bay lights conquer the heights, low bay lights excel in illuminating lower-ceilinged spaces, providing the perfect balance of focused light and efficient operation.

Low Bay Lights Key Features

Less powerful than high bay lights, providing focused illumination. Mounting options include ceiling, walls, or posts. Various shapes and sizes are available to suit specific needs. Compared to their high bay counterparts, low bay lights offer a less powerful, yet focused beam of light. This targeted approach is ideal for workshops, assembly lines, manufacturing facilities, and retail stores where specific tasks require concentrated illumination.

Unlike high bay lights that primarily rely on ceiling suspension, low bay lights offer greater mounting flexibility. They can be mounted directly on the ceiling, walls, or even on posts, depending on the layout and lighting needs of the space. This versatility allows for customized light placement, ensuring optimal coverage for workstations, machinery, or product displays. Low bay lights come in a wider array of shapes and sizes compared to high bay lights. This allows for a more tailored approach to lighting specific areas. Round and square fixtures are popular choices, while linear options can be used to illuminate long workbenches or aisles. Additionally, the size variations cater to spaces with varying ceiling heights and illumination requirements.

Low Bay Lights Applications

Suitable for lower-ceiling areas like workshops, assembly lines, manufacturing facilities, and retail stores.

Industrial LED linear Lights TUBU

Flood Lights - thing Large Areas in Brilliant Illumination

These are powerful lights with a wide beam for security purposes or to illuminate large outdoor areas. They can be mounted on poles or walls. Flood lights are the titans of outdoor illumination, offering a powerful blast of light to conquer darkness and illuminate vast outdoor spaces. Their wide beam pattern and intense output make them ideal for security purposes, construction sites, and large outdoor areas.

Flood Lights Key Features

Extremely powerful output with a very wide beam. Mounted on poles, walls, or portable stands. Adjustable beam angles on some models for directional control. Flood lights pack a serious punch in terms of light output. They generate an extremely powerful beam that spreads out over a wide area, effectively eliminating dark spots and blanketing large spaces in consistent brightness. This is crucial for deterring criminal activity, ensuring safe navigation in dimly lit areas, and providing clear visibility for nighttime operations.

Outdoor LED Flood lights offer a variety of mounting options to suit the specific needs of the space. They can be permanently mounted on poles, providing a fixed lighting solution for large areas. Wall mounting is another option, ideal for illuminating building facades, entryways, or perimeters. Additionally, some flood lights come with portable stands, offering temporary illumination for construction sites or special events. While flood lights typically have a wide beam angle, some advanced models offer adjustable beam angles. This allows for more precise light control, directing the powerful beam towards specific areas that require extra illumination, while minimizing light spill and unwanted glare.

Flood Lights Applications

Provide intense light for security purposes, illuminating large outdoor areas, construction sites, and building facades.

LED Tri-proof Lights - The Tough Guys of Industrial Lighting

LED tri-proof lights are versatile fixtures designed to withstand harsh environments. They are dust, moisture, corrosion and impact resistant. LED tri-proof lights are the ultimate workhorses of industrial lighting, combining exceptional durability with energy efficiency. These versatile fixtures are built to withstand the harshest environments, making them the perfect choice for illuminating a wide range of demanding industrial settings.

Ø100mm Grid Type Tubular Lamps

LED Tri-proof Lights Key Features

Resistant to dust, moisture, corrosion, and impact. Offer bright light output for various industrial tasks. Energy-efficient LED technology for lower operating costs. Unlike their more delicate counterparts, LED tri-proof lights are specifically designed to shrug off the challenges of harsh environments. These lights are resistant to moisture and humidity, making them ideal for car washes, food processing facilities, and other damp environments. Durable materials and specialized coatings protect against corrosion caused by chemicals or harsh cleaning agents.

Tri-proof lights can withstand accidental bumps or impacts without sustaining damage, ensuring long-lasting performance. Despite their rugged construction, LED tri-proof lights don't compromise on illumination. They offer a bright and even light output, providing excellent visibility for various industrial tasks, from machinery operation to quality control inspections. At the heart of these lights lies energy-efficient LED technology. This translates to lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact compared to traditional lighting options.

LED Tri-proof Lights Applications

Versatile fixtures suitable for harsh environments like warehouses, factories, car washes, food processing facilities, and parking garages.

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