Illuminating Your Vintners Vault – A Guide to Wine Cellar Lighting

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June 19  

Your wine cellar isn't just a storage space, it's a sanctuary for your prized collection. Just like a museum, the right lighting plays a crucial role in both preserving your wines and setting the perfect ambiance. Let's delve into the art of illuminating your wine cellar, ensuring both beauty and functionality.

Wine Cellar Lighting

Wine cellar lighting refers to the illumination specifically designed for wine cellars. It encompasses various lighting types and techniques to achieve optimal lighting conditions for both preserving wines and creating an inviting ambiance.

Wine cellar lighting

Wine Cellar LED Lights

Wine cellar LED lights are specifically designed lighting fixtures that utilize light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to illuminate wine cellars. They offer a range of advantages over traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, making them the preferred choice for wine cellar lighting applications.

Beyond the Glare - Different Lighting Types

Ambient Lighting - This sets the overall mood and provides basic visibility. Opt for fixtures like recessed ceiling lights, wall sconces, or track lighting.

Ambient lighting, also known as general or basic lighting, is lighting that is used to illuminate an entire space, providing a basic lighting effect that allows people to move safely and comfortably within the space. Ambient lighting is usually relatively uniform in brightness, with a soft, diffused light that does not produce noticeable shadows or glare.

Commonly used fixtures for ambient lighting include ceiling lights, wall sconces, downlights, and track lighting. When selecting ambient lighting fixtures, the type, number and power of the fixtures should be determined based on the size, shape and function of the space.

Wine cellar LED lights

Accent Lighting - Highlight specific areas like your prized bottles or a tasting station. Consider using pendant lights, spotlights, or strategically placed table lamps for a focused glow.

Accent lighting, also known as accent lighting or localized lighting, is lighting used to illuminate a specific area or object to highlight its importance or attract attention. Accent lighting is usually much brighter than ambient lighting, with concentrated light that creates a clear contrast between light and dark.

Accent lighting, also known as accent lighting or localized lighting, is lighting used to illuminate a specific area or object to highlight its importance or attract attention. Accent lighting is usually much brighter than ambient lighting, with concentrated light that creates a clear contrast between light and dark.

Commonly used lighting fixtures for accent lighting include spotlights, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, and so on. In the choice of accent lighting fixtures, should be based on the shape, size and material of the area or object to be illuminated to determine the type of lighting, location and angle of light.

Task Lighting - This provides extra illumination for tasks like reading labels or inspecting corks. Consider under-cabinet lighting for your wine racks or adjustable task lights for close-up work.

Task Lighting refers to a type of lighting specifically designed to illuminate a specific area or task, providing focused light for activities like reading, writing, working on a computer, or performing detailed work. Task lighting is typically brighter than ambient lighting and is directed to the specific area where the task is being performed. This helps to reduce eye strain and fatigue, and it can also improve visibility and accuracy.

Color Temperature - Finding the Sweet Spot

Light color temperature, measured in Kelvins (K), determines the "feel" of light. Lower temperatures (around 3000K) create a warm, inviting ambiance, while higher temperatures (above 3000K) offer a brighter, cooler atmosphere.

For wine cellars, the sweet spot lies between 3000K and 4000K. This provides sufficient light for navigation without compromising the integrity of your wines. Remember, prolonged exposure to harsh light can accelerate the aging process in wines.

Shining a Light on Intensity

Light intensity, measured in lumens (lm), determines the amount of light emitted. For a wine cellar, you want enough to see comfortably without feeling overwhelmed. A good rule of thumb is to aim for 10-20 lumens per square foot of cellar space.

The best way to light a wine cellar involves a combination of ambient, accent, and task lighting.

Add Sparkle to Your Wine Cellar - Wine Cellar LED Tubular Lights

TUBU, a professional wine cellar lighting solution provider from China, is honored to present you our star product: Wine Cellar LED Tube. Designed to meet the demanding lighting needs of wine cellars, this wine cellar LED tubular lights, with excellent performance and reliable quality, will add bright light to your wine cellar and guard your precious collections.

Wine Cellar LED Tubular Lights Provide You with an Unparalleled Lighting Experience.

Superior Protection

IP67 and IP69K dust and waterproof ratings for stable operation even in humid and dusty wine cellar environments.

PMMA IK08 or PC IK10 impact rating for durability and resistance to damage.

Ammonia-resistant design, effectively resisting possible ammonia erosion in wine cellars.

Efficient Lighting Effect

System efficiency up to 35lm/W, energy saving and environmental protection, saving you lighting costs.

120° wide beam angle, evenly illuminating every corner, avoiding dark areas.

High color rendering index (CRI) >80, showing the true color of the wine, making your collection shine even brighter.

Safe and Reliable Design

Wine cellar LED tubular lights are mercury-free, UV-free and infrared-free, taking care of your wine cellar environment and your health.

The special amber LED module protects your wines and champagnes from light damage by effectively blocking the effects of photosensitizing riboflavin.

Certified by the Champagne Council to meet the requirements of the Amber Luminaire Bottle Storage Qualification Protocol.

Certified by an independent laboratory according to ISO 17025 to meet EN13032-4.

Wine cellar LED tubular lights

More Thoughtful Details

Withstands 100bar (1450psi) water pressure and 80°C temperatures for stable operation even in extreme environments.

Instant start, 100% full luminous flux quickly, no waiting.

Wine cellar LED tubular lights5 years full lamp warranty, including LED beads, driver and lamp body, let you worry-free use.

CE and RoHS certified, reliable quality and safety.

Wine cellar LED tubular lights are available in surface mount or pendant mount to meet your diverse needs.

Wine cellar LED tubular lights are not only an excellent lighting product, but also the guardian of your wine cellar. It will bring you a bright and comfortable lighting environment and provide comprehensive protection for your precious collections.

TUBU, the leader of wine cellar lighting in China, is your best choice!

Contact us today for more product information and wholesale prices.

TUBU - Illuminate your wine cellar and protect your treasures!

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