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Wine cellar lighting design is an important part of wine cellar design, reasonable lighting design can not only create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for the wine cellar, but also protect the quality of wine. This article will introduce the related knowledge of Wine cellar lighting design, including lighting design principles, lighting products selection, Wine cellar lighting installation tips, Wine cellar lighting cost and some practical Wine cellar lighting lighting ideas and suggestions.

Wine Cellar Lighting Design Principles

Wine cellar lighting design should avoid excessive lighting, excessive lighting will accelerate the oxidization and aging of wine. It is recommended to use low wattage bulbs and dimmers to control the light level as needed.

Wine cellar lighting design should choose the right color temperature. The color temperature of wine cellar lighting should be between 2700K and 3000K, which belongs to the warm light range. Too high a color temperature will give the wine a blue tint and affect the quality of the wine.

Wine cellar lighting design should use high color rendering lamps, wine cellar lighting color rendering index (Ra) should not be less than 90, high color rendering light can better restore the true color of wine bottles and wine labels.

Wine cellar lighting design should pay attention to the uniformity of light, the light in the wine cellar should be evenly distributed to avoid glare and shadows.

Wine cellar lighting design should choose anti-UV and infrared lamps and lanterns, wine cellar lighting should avoid producing ultraviolet and infrared rays, so as not to cause harm to the wine.

Wine Cellar Lighting Product Selection

Downlight - Downlight is one of the most commonly used lamps in wine cellar lighting, its compact size, easy to install, can be flexibly arranged in all corners of the wine cellar.

Spotlights - Spotlights provide directional lighting and are ideal for illuminating the details of wine racks.

Track Lights - Track lights provide flexible adjustment of the direction and angle of illumination and are suitable for lighting large wine cellars.

Chandeliers - Chandeliers add elegance to a wine cellar and are suitable for small cellars or wine cellar entrances.

Wall lamps - Wall lamps create a cozy atmosphere and are suitable for lounge or tasting areas in wine cellars.

Wine cellar lighting

Wine Cellar Lighting Installation

Wine cellar lighting installation should determine the lighting layout, according to the size, layout and lighting needs of the wine cellar, to determine the location and number of lighting fixtures installed.

Installation of lighting fixtures, Wine cellar lighting installation in accordance with the installation instructions for the lighting fixtures, to ensure that the lighting fixtures are firm and reliable.

Connecting the power supply, wine cellar lighting installation connects the light fixtures to the power supply and tests them.

Wine Cellar Lighting Cost

Wine cellar lighting cost depends on the size of the wine cellar, choice of lighting products, installation cost and other factors. The larger the wine cellar, the more lighting fixtures are required and the higher the cost. Prices vary greatly between different types of lighting. For example, LED lights are more expensive than incandescent lights. If a professional electrician is required to install them, there will be additional installation costs.

Wine Cellar Lighting Ideas and Suggestions

Use different types of lighting to create different atmospheres. For example, you can use downlights to illuminate wine racks, spotlights to highlight wine bottles, and chandeliers to create an elegant atmosphere.

Use dimmers to control light brightness. You can adjust the light brightness as needed to meet different lighting needs.

Use anti-glare design. Avoid glare to affect visual comfort.

Choose energy-saving and environmentally friendly lamps and lanterns. For example, LED lights are an energy-saving and environmentally friendly light fixture that can reduce energy consumption.

Wine cellar lighting design needs to comprehensively consider a variety of factors, including lighting design principles, lighting product selection, lighting installation techniques, wine cellar lighting costs and some practical wine cellar lighting ideas and suggestions. Hopefully, this article will help you design a perfect wine cellar lighting system.

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