TUBU Wine Cellar LED Tubular Light – Wine Room Lighting Case Study

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June 24  

Client - The Wine Cellar Enthusiast

Location - A private residence in Bordeaux, France

Project - Wine cellar lighting upgrade using TUBU Wine Cellar LED Tubular Lights

Wine room lighting is an integral aspect of creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing space for wine storage and appreciation. By carefully considering the type, color temperature, and placement of lighting, wine enthusiasts can ensure that their prized collections are well-preserved while enjoying an inviting and sophisticated ambiance.


The client, an avid wine collector, sought to enhance the lighting in their wine cellar to better preserve their prized collection while also creating a more inviting and sophisticated ambiance. The existing lighting was outdated and inefficient, emitting excessive heat and UV rays that could potentially damage the wine.


TUBU, the premier provider of wine cellar lighting solutions, was engaged to address the client's concerns and transform their wine cellar into an elegant and well-lit space. After careful assessment, TUBU recommended their innovative Wine Cellar LED Tubular Lights as the ideal solution.

TUBU Wine Cellar LED Tubular Lights

TUBU Wine Cellar LED Tubular Light is perfect for wine cellar to conserving stored wine. Our specific amber LED module can protect wine and champagne against riboflavin effects from photosensitivity, which certified by the Champagne Committee under the requirements of amber luminaire qualification protocol for bottle storage. Moreover, this wine cellar light is not only anti-ammonia and chemical resistant but also high temperature resistant.

3-pole straight-through cable Wine Cellar Tubular LED Tri-Proof Light
Wine cellar LED tubular lights
Wine Cellar Tubular LED Tri-Proof Light with Quick Connect Terminals

TUBU Wine Cellar LED Tubular Lights Products

TUBU Wine Cellar LED Tubular Lights - These sleek and versatile lights feature a unique tubular design that seamlessly blends into any wine cellar environment. Equipped with high-quality LEDs, they emit a warm, natural glow that enhances the appearance of the wine while minimizing heat and UV radiation.

TUBU Wine Cellar LED Tubular Lights Installation

TUBU's experienced technicians carefully installed the Wine Cellar LED Tubular Lights throughout the client's wine cellar, ensuring optimal placement for both ambient and accent lighting. The lights were strategically positioned to illuminate the wine racks, architectural features, and walkways, creating a visually appealing and well-lit space.

TUBU Wine Cellar LED Tubular Lights Results

The client was delighted with the dramatic transformation of their wine cellar. The TUBU Wine Cellar LED Tubular Lights provided a level of illumination that far surpassed the previous setup, enhancing the overall ambiance and creating a sense of warmth and sophistication. The client expressed their satisfaction with the lights' energy efficiency and their ability to safeguard their wine collection from harmful UV rays.

TUBU Wine Cellar LED Tubular Lights Benefits

Enhanced Wine Preservation - The low heat emission and UV-free nature of the TUBU Wine Cellar LED Tubular Lights ensured the optimal preservation of the client's wine collection, preventing premature aging and maintaining the integrity of the wine's flavor and aroma.

Improved Aesthetics - The elegant design and warm glow of the TUBU lights transformed the wine cellar into a visually stunning space, highlighting the beauty of the wine racks and architectural features. The lights created a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, perfect for showcasing the client's prized collection.

Energy Efficiency - The TUBU Wine Cellar LED Tubular Lights are remarkably energy-efficient, consuming significantly less power compared to traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. This not only reduced the client's electricity bills but also contributed to a more sustainable environmental footprint.

Detail display of Wine Cellar Tubular LED Tri-Proof Light


This wine cellar lighting case study exemplifies the transformative power of TUBU Wine Cellar LED Tubular Lights. By combining exceptional lighting performance with a commitment to wine preservation, TUBU has established itself as a trusted partner for wine enthusiasts worldwide. The client's satisfaction with the TUBU lights serves as a testament to their ability to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and the functional value of any wine cellar.

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