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April 11  

In modern life, lighting fixtures play an indispensable role. They not only provide us with light, but also create a comfortable atmosphere and improve the quality of life. However, in some special environments, traditional lighting fixtures are often difficult to meet the needs. For example, in humid, dusty or corrosive environments, ordinary lamps and lanterns are easily damaged, and there are potential safety hazards.

The emergence of LED tri-proof lamps perfectly solves this problem. It has the triple protection function of waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion, which can work stably in harsh environments and bring safe and reliable light to your life.

Unique advantages of LED tri-proof light

Sturdy and durable. Made of high-quality materials and processes, durable, even in the stormy, dusty or corrosive gas-filled environment, can also easily cope with.

Energy saving and environmental protection. Compared with traditional lamps and lanterns, LED tri-proof lamps are more energy-saving, which can effectively reduce the cost of electricity, and at the same time reduce carbon emissions, contributing to environmental protection.

Bright light. LED tri-proof lamps provide high brightness lighting, wide irradiation range, can meet the lighting needs of different scenes.

Wide application. LED tri-proof lights can be widely used in factories, warehouses, underground parking lots, tunnels, docks, gas stations, food processing plants, chemical plants and other places.

Application cases of LED three-proof light


Factory floor

In factory workshops, LED Tri-proof Lights can provide bright and safe lighting for workers, improve work efficiency and safety.


Traditional lamps and lanterns are easily damaged in dust, humidity, high temperature and other environments, and there are safety hazards. Insufficient lighting affects workers' operation and reduces work efficiency.


Adopt LED three-proof lamps, with waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion function,and can adapt to the harsh environment. High brightness lighting, wide irradiation range, to meet the demand for work lighting.


Improved work efficiency and safety, reduced the incidence of accidents. Reduce the maintenance cost of lamps and extend the service life.

Warehouse lighting LED Light


In warehouses, LED tri-proof lights can help workers find goods easily and improve work efficiency.


The lighting effect of traditional lamps is poor, goods are not easy to recognize, affecting the efficiency of picking. Lamps consume high energy, high cost of electricity.


Adopt LED three-proof lamps, high-brightness lighting, wide irradiation range, goods are clearly visible. Energy saving and environmental protection reduce the cost of electricity.


Improved picking efficiency and reduced error rate. Saved electricity costs and improved profitability.

Parking lot lighting LED Light

Underground parking lot

In the underground parking lot, LED tri-proof lights can provide good lighting for vehicles and improve driving safety.


Traditional fixtures are inadequate for lighting and pose a safety hazard. Luminaires consume high energy and have high maintenance costs.


Adopt LED three-proof lamps, high brightness lighting, illuminate every corner of the parking lot, improve driving safety. Energy saving and environmental protection, reduce maintenance costs.


Improved driving safety and reduced accident rate. Reduced operating costs and increased revenue.

tubu tech ip67 ip69k tubular light tunnel application


In tunnels, LED tri-proof lights can provide drivers with a clear vision and ensure safe passage.


Traditional lamps and lanterns have poor lighting effects, affecting the driver's vision and posing safety risks. Lamps consume high energy and have high maintenance costs.


Adopt LED triple-proof lamps, high brightness lighting, provide clear vision, ensure safe passage. Energy saving and environmental protection, reduce maintenance costs.


Improved driving safety and reduced traffic accidents. Saves energy and reduces operating costs.

LED tri-proof light is your reliable lighting choice.

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